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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Sends Emotional Message
Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Sends Emotional Message After Heart Emergency

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Sends Emotional Message After Heart Emergency

Dog The Bounty Hunter

The Dog The Bounty Hunter star was taken to hospital by the emergency services after suffering an emergency heart problem at the age of sixty-six.
Beth died aged fifty-one, after a grueling battle with throat and lung cancer on June 26th, 2019.
The couple’s daughter, Bonnie Chapman, has taken to Instagram following her dad’s hospitalization. The family has certainly had a tough year, as Bonnie explains in her post.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog first met Beth in 1986.

She was only nineteen years old and Dog was already married, but this didn’t stop the pair from striking up an on-off relationship.
They went their separate ways when Beth married her first husband, Keith Barmore, although the marriage ended in divorce.

They reunited in 1995.

With the pair both being divorced, they began seeing each other again in 1995 and were eventually married in 2006.
The couple had two children together, Bonnie and Garry, and Beth had a daughter, Cecily, from her first marriage.

Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The TV show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, is based on the life and experiences of Duane, who bounty hunts for a living.

Dog The Bounty Hunter
The pair partnered up to work together shortly after rekindling their relationship, and Beth began starring alongside him as his show grew in popularity. They also created a spin-off show: Dog & Beth: On The Hunt.

They put in some pretty hard work.

Beth and Dog were said to have tracked down over 6,000 criminals and made over $4 million in bonds that they’ve won as a consequence of catching them.

The couple well and truly made a name for themselves.

Beth and Dog very quickly became recognized as the brash and outrageously hilarious couple that they have been till the very end.

Dog The Bounty Hunter
Their constant bickering and disagreeing on the show was entertainment gold, and a lot of married couples felt like they could relate to the relationship that they shared.

Beth wanted to “spend her last days on the hunt.”

Somehow, the family managed to come to terms with this tragedy, and Beth wanted nothing more than to spend her last days doing what she did best on America’s Most Wanted.
According to Metro, speaking to The Daily Mail in March, Dog said, “My baby has cancer and she is fighting like hell. I’ve cried a lot over this because is my everything.”

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Her family was with her the entire time.

On June 25th, Dog tweeted this photograph of Beth’s hand saying, “You know she is all about her nails!”
This brought on a huge surge of love and admiration, alongside Dog and Beth’s fanbase sending their thoughts and prayers.

Tributes came from outside the family, too.

Country music star, Crystal Gayle, spoke highly of Chapman, calling her a “friend,” and promising that “we will miss you.”

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